Large 10.5 pound baby just born in the water

Rental Includes:

-birth pool

-one single-use liner

-air pump

-sink adapter (fits most sinks)

-water pump for emptying pool


-new hose for filling and 

  emptying the pool (yours to 

  keep or toss)

Birth Pool Rentals

$225 for 5 weeks

Using a birth pool during your labor can be an excellent tool for pain relief, comfort, and birthing.  Many women feel it is essential for coping with birth whether you use it at home before going to the hospital or, plan to give birth in it.  Use of water during labor has been shown to reduce stress and increase oxytocin levels as well as reduce perineal tears.  Allowing water to support you during labor gives you more physical flexibility and allows you to make small adjustments in response to what your body needs.  It's a wonderful investment!

The Birth Pool in a box is a high quality birth pool (no cadmium, lead or latex) that  allows the mother to be fully submerged in the water.  The walls of the pool are sturdy and equipped with 4 handles for gripping, a cup holder for staying hydrated, padded floor for kneeling, and a seat for extra comfort.  The pool has enough room to accommodate your partner if desired.  I rent out both the regular and mini size birth pools.