Winter 2021

*I'm having my baby in February, and will be taking a short break from classes. Below is my last scheduled class for the time, but will likely resume in April 2021.  If you'd like to take a class late spring, please email me and I'll put you on the list.

5 classes over 5 weeks Saturday afternoons (15 hrs)

                                (MEETING VIRTUALLY)

                     Class 1:   Saturday April 3, 12-3pm

                     Class 2:  Saturday April 10, 12-3pm

                     Class 3:  Saturday April 17, 12-3pm

                     Class 4:  Saturday April 24, 12-3pm

                     Class 5:  Saturday May 1, 12-3pm


5 classes over 5 weeks Sunday afternoons (15 hrs)

                              (MEETING VIRTUALLY)

                     Class 1:   Sunday January 3, 12-3pm

                     Class 2:  Sunday January 10, 12-3pm

                     Class 3:  Sunday January 17, 12-3pm

                     Class 4:  Sunday January 24, 12-3pm

                     Class 5:  Sunday January 31, 12-3pm

If you'd like to join a group class, but the dates and times don't work for you, please don't hesitate to reach out. I do a lot of juggling to meet the needs of the parents who come my way. I'm looking forward to working with you!


5 Week Group Class

preparing for home birth

$350 per couple

(sliding scale available)

Couples who are planning for normal birth need time to explore together how they will allow birth to unfold, and how they can cope with what labor brings their way together.  Gathering information, setting intentional time to absorb, and connecting to your intuition are steps we take together over the course of 5 weeks.   Tricia is personally experienced with the specifics of home birth and absolutely loves holding space for couples to prepare for birthing their baby.   Couples come to class with their concerns, fears, excitement, and questions and will leave having a greater understanding of the natural process of birth, an openness to allowing their birth to unfold uniquely, practical ways to cope with pain & fear, hands on practice relaxing into the process, and options and choices each step of the way.