Classes are held in the comfort of your own home on your schedule.  It is possible to have sessions during the day between 10-1pm, or in the evening between 6-9 pm.  Weekends are also possible in the morning, afternoon, or evening.  

Private Classes

$185 per session (MEETING VIRTUALLY)

Private classes are perfect for first time parents and for parents who wish to navigate birth differently the second (or third, or __) time around. These classes are customized to your needs, and can include topics you are most interested in, along with all the basic birth and newborn information. Sessions are 3 hours at a time, and usually range from 1 - 3 sessions depending on your desires.  

Private classes can be just you and your partner, or with another couple due around your time.  Perfect for friends who are birthing together, or couples using the same midwife, doctor, or doula.