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Allowing Birth

We birth how we live, we live what we believe, we believe what we see is possible

Meet Tricia Philips

Certified Cooperative Childbirth Educator

 Most of us stand on the cusp of giving birth for the first time having never seen birth.  We are living in such a strange historical moment of disconnection and misinformation about what birth is, what birth has to offer, and what birth can be.  Birth is not just one is many things. Birth is the physical opening of a body.  It's the mysterious psychological shift of who we know ourselves to be.  It's the entrance of a new person to the Earth.  It's the metamorphosis of two people becoming parents.  It's a portal into the interconnectedness of time and relationship.  Birth is huge!  A truly amazing life event.  This transformation, especially for the first time, will change a person completely.  Birth creates the relationship of Mother, it offers the most precious gift of connection with our grounded life force,  and it perhaps gives us a glimpse at what is truly real.  


 Preparing yourself for birth is really important work.  For most of us, the bulk of the work is internal, and therefore deeply personal.  External work of finding the right this or that, or knowing everything there is to know about birth will likely not prepare you enough.  To become  open enough to physically birth a baby, a woman is invited  to shed her familiar personality  in order to find an expression of herself she has never met.  Her intuition will whisper for her to find her power deep within.  Most of us have lived life not seeing others transform in this way.  Life has not prepared us for our turn; yet, we were designed specifically for this.   We know at our core that we were made to experience this deep transformation.  


I wholeheartedly believe in women and their bodies, and I believe birth was designed to be safe and experienced fully.  I deeply enjoy holding space for the offerings of birth.   

Meet Tricia
Why Prepare

If Birth is so natural, why do I need to prepare? 

We are living in time where our collective understanding of birth and standards around care are grossly unsupportive of our biological truth.  Most of us have never seen a birth (normal or otherwise) which automatically pathologizes the experience.  Birth, breastfeeding, and caring for small children is tucked away and shrouded with mystery and misunderstandings.  Classes build confidence and trust by exploring: 

Birth Blueprint 

We are mammals and share the same hormonal mechanism with other mammals for birth.    How does birth actually work?  Why does it seem to work for some but not others?  

Emotions, Trauma, and Fear

Our bodies store our past traumas and deeply held fear and beliefs which can surface during the laboring process.  How can you work with this aspect of labor?

Coping Tools

There are so many ways to cope with the sensations of labor and birth outside of the medical system. How can your partner help you through your labor?   

Variations of Normal

Birth is as unique as each woman/baby pair. Getting comfy with the vast range of how birth unfolds expands our understanding and toleration for our own experience.  How will you feel safe and secure along your labor path?

Breastfeeding & Early Parenting

Early life with your baby is all about feeding...sleeping...crying...and eliminating. What tips and learning will help you off on the right start? 

Demystifying the Postpartum Period

The post birth period is a right of passage for the whole family.  It's a time to slow down, get on baby time, and bring your community around your family for support.  What will this look like for your unique family?



"This class was one of the most meaningul experiences of our pregnancy, as it allowed us to explore our feelings about the big changes ahead and to prepare for the challenges of childbirth. 

And the pool was a wonderful investment! Our son was born in it!"

— Mel K.

Preparing for Birth Starts Here

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